Are You At Risk?

Did you know that as of July 26, 1994 all employers with 15 or more employees are required to comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act? Discriminatory actions can put an employer at great risk of law suits. Even with as few as 2 employees, discriminating against disabled persons in public accomodations or commercial facilities can result in big trouble!! Recent lawsuits have resulted in millions of dollars of punitive damages paid!

That's why PCAP has created:

FastFinder Americans with Disabilities Act Edition

As an ADA Coordinator, Personnel Manager or even a small business owner, locating specific regulations is one of the most important parts of insuring full compliance with federal ADA regs for your business or organization. Are you spending many hours of your valuable time each day trying to find where ADA applies to you? It pays to know the law! FastFinder saves you from costly law suits:

Time Saved is Money Saved. With just a few keystrokes FastFinder will find every related ADA regulation reference instantly. FastFinder will also display the full text of the regulation for your review, print it or offload it for distribution to employees.

FastFinder is fast, effective and, most of all, easy to use. You will find yourself spending less time researching and more time managing!

For a Free Demo Copy of FastFinder - ADA Edition for IBM PC - DOS (works in a DOS window under Windows too) via FTP|Click Here|

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