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ADA Titles I-III

ADA Titles I-III - These documents embody the law of ADA as implemented by the regulating agencies. The full text of the laws as they appear on the books, in legal terminology, are reproduced here, along with the comments and interpretations (annotations) of the issuing agencies. The Annotations for a particular section are located immediately following the section of the law. Therefore, after finding a law, you may go directly to the annotations interpreting that law by simply pressing F8. Appendix A contains the full text of the Public Law as it was promulgated by Congress. This should be your first stop in finding out what you need to do to comply with ADA.

Access Guide

Access Guide - The Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (also commonly refered to as ADAAG) as promulgated by the U.S. Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, sets the guidelines for accessibility to places of public accomodation and commercial facilities by individuals with disabilities. These guidelines are to be applied during the design, construction and alteration of such buildings and facilities. Want to know how wide to make your store aisles? How many hotel rooms must be wheelchair accessible? How low should you mount pay telephones? This is the place to find the answers.

Technical Assistance Manuals

Technical Assistance Manuals - The Technical Assistance Manuals are documents produced by the regulating agencies (i.e., EEOC, DOJ) to provide guidance on the practical application of the legal requirements established by the ADA. Manuals for each title go into great depth on the details and issues related to each title, often as a question and answer scenario and usually with extensive practical examples. Does the ADA mean I can't test employees for drug use? What determines if someone is truly disabled? Do I really have to put an elevator in my condos? These and many, many more questions are covered in minute detail.

Resource Manuals/Lists

Resource Manuals/Lists - These lists are compiled by the EEOC as sources of suggested agencies, organizations and private companies who may be able to assist with counseling, accomodation products and information regarding specific disabilities. Each entity is listed with complete addresses and telephone numbers and a description of their services (all of which may be searched in Fast Finder). Need to know who sells computer keyboards for disabled employees? Want to know more about Tourette syndrome? Need to know the address of your regional EEOC Office? Someone on these lists will be able to help!

ADA DOT Regulations

ADA DOT Regulations - The DOT Regulations are the compilation of the final Department of Transportation ruling implementing the transportation provisions of the ADA. These documents include provisions on acquisition and renovation of accessible vehicles by public and private entities, requirements for complementary paratransit service by public entities operating a fixed route system and provisions of nondiscriminatory accessible transportation service. How many mobility aid spaces are required on a 22 foot bus? Do I need to install wheelchair lifts on my airport courtesy vans? Can a taxi driver charge a fee to stow a passenger's wheelchair in the trunk? Find out the answers to these questions and others in this database.

These two new sections are not necessarily the final word on the laws. They are provided to help you to prepare for what may be coming down the road. None of these are at present a final or enforceable law.

Interim Final Rules

Interim Final Rules - These are the new additions and modifications to the accessibility guidelines (ADAAG) as declared final by the Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board. They are not however considered enforceable until they have been accepted by the DOJ and DOT (see below). Upon their acceptance we will incorporate them into the Accessibility Guidelines search section in a later update. There are a lot of new areas covered by the new proposed sections 11-14, including judicial and regulatory facilities, accessible residential housing, public right-of-ways (streets and sidewalks) and detention facilities. Discussions with federal personnel suggest these may be finalized largely "as-is" by mid-summer 1995!

Notices of Proposed Rule Making

Proposed Rules (NPRM) - There are a few different documents included in this section. Some are sections of the CFRs proposed by the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation primarily to adopt the Interim Final Rulings of the ADAAG (see above). The remainder of the items are the report of proposed regulations to be added to the ADAAG by the Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board concerning Recreation Facilities and Outdoor Developed Areas. These cover nearly all forms of recreation from golf courses, parks, skating rinks and public pools to bowling alleys, fitness centers and gymnasiums. There is still time to make your comments known to the law makers on these items before they become law!

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