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New York New York Hotel and Casino

ARCHIVED: January 1997

The New York, New York Hotel & Casino will be opening January 3, 1996. Construction is nearly complete at the northwest corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd.

Photo of the artist's model at the New York, New York visitor's center for the finished New York, New York Hotel and Casino looking Northwest from the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd (MGM Grand is on the far right and the Excaliber is to the far left). The escalator accessed walkways crossing the streets at the lower left and right are already completely in place.

The new property, a joint effort by MGM Grand, Inc. and Primadonna Resorts, Inc. will bring the best of New York to the west Las Vegas style with a $400+ million, 2,120-room Hotel ∧ casino recreating many of the traditional New York Landmarks.

A 150 foot, one-half scale, Statue of Liberty replica will stand on the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd, framed by a backdrop of hotel rooms strongly resembling New York skyscrapers. A Coney Island reminiscent roller coaster which you'll be able to ride will tour the entire property (including part of the interior of the casino) at blinding speeds.

Among the attractions planned:

Pictured here is a photo of the back view of the artist's model showing the planned pool area. Note the dual water slides and observer walkway. Also just to the side (not visible) is the entry for the roller coaster through the casino.

Status of construction as of Mid September, 1995. Taken from point of view of Las Vegas Blvd - Tropicana Blvd pedestrian crossover bridge.

Status of construction as of March 7, 1996. Taken from Tropicana Blvd. looking Northwest

Status of construction as of July 27, 1996. Taken from Las Vegas Blvd. looking West. Roller coaster has extra loop added. Framework for Brooklyn Bridge is visible in foreground lower right.

More construction pictures from October/November 1996:

Oops, A slight change in plans for the Window?

Lady Liberty's tablet waiting to be lifted into place.

Working on the Brooklyn Bridge rigging.

A neat thing: If you look at just the right angle from Tropicana Ave, you can line up all the towers to look like one...

From the Street...

From the Tropicana Overpass...

The Opening: January 3, 1997

Official opening is scheduled for January 3, 1997, but there will be a VIP/celebrity pre-opening with fireworks January 2, 1997 at 6pm.

At Sunset on Grand Opening Day ... After Dark ... Grand Opening Fireworks

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Coming Very Soon: The Long-awaited Interior Photos and Grand Opening Review!
Note: We never got to attend the Grand Opening or get interior photos because the Grand Opening turned out to be a public relations fiasco. The VIP party persisted into the wee hours and much of the media, such as ourselves, as well as the general public waiting outside, never got to enter due to fire safety limits.

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