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Ultra-fit Weights and Balance

If you're a small-aircraft pilot or just work with them, you know that one of the most time consuming and undesirable jobs is balancing and adjusting passenger and cargo weights. At PCAP we have taken this task to heart and designed the ultimate relief from this task.

Our Ultra-fit Weights and Balance is currently designed to work on any aircraft from 1 up to 14 passengers. It allows you to configure and enter your passengers complete with names, weights and preferred seating and cargo, seat and equipment ARMS, and other taxiing, flight and landing parameters. The best part is it not only lets you enter the minimum and maximum take-off and landing center of gravities and weight limits, but your own PREFERRED take-off and landing parameters as well. With the press of a button, your computer will, through our tried and true algorithms, in seconds, produce the GUARANTEED BEST POSSIBLE, arrangement of passengers to achieve YOUR PREFERRED parameters. If you then, do not like the computer chosen arrangement (The computer unwittingly placed little Bobby seated next to sister Susie, in order to effect the best fit, instead of between Mom and Dad. However, YOU know the little extra weight shift to the front to separate them is well worth your sanity) you may "play" with the seating with our friendly and fluid user interface. The computer updates all calculated parameters, to two decimal points of pounds and inches, in real time, to allow you to achieve the best compromise between your flight parameter preferrences and the seating order preferrences of your passengers. Highly visible indicators let you know instantly any time your aircraft manufacturer's specifications are exceeded in any direction.

When you're finally satisfied with the arrangement, press another key and a user customizable FAA approved log is printed for your records.

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