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The entire 300x250 area in the TOP CENTER of Selected Page Menus CAN be YOU! The entire 300x250 area in the middle our Shows Page Menu CAN be YOU!
What?: New, 300x250 pixel Page Sponsor, "Top Center Ad (SM)" Links!
  • Putting the Customer FIRST! Above-the-fold, Exclusive, "Center of the Action"
  • Key Pages, Target YOUR Desired Keywords and Time Period
  • Another in a Long Line of Firsts. LVLG Is Once Again the First Website Anywhere to make this Innovative Advertising Offer!

  • How Much?: YOU Decide Via Weekly Bid.
  • Check the posted winning bids and recent page activity.
  • Popular pages have recently gone for as low as $14/wk!
  • Submit your bid amount per entire WEEK (NOT IMPRESSIONS).
  • Advertise one week at a time, anytime or submit standing orders.

  • How Do I Get Started?: Easy
  • All current advertisers are eligible. Just call our office at 702-255-8052 during business hours for quick sign-up and bidding access.
  • If you're not on Las Vegas Leisure Guide yet, start NOW by visiting our ad rates page.

  • What's So NEW About These Ads? You may have tried 'banner ads' in the past, elsewhere and been disappointed at the results. Typical banner ads can be very tricky, highly targeted and even overly expensive if not precisely tweeked. Verteran web surfers nowadays have trained themselves to ignore typical banner ads for the most part by not even looking at the conventional places where they are located. Our new "TOP CENTER ADs (SM)", 300 x 250 size page sponsor ads are designed to do away with all that!

    We studied many things when designing this new option; The paths which visitors take when browsing our site, their mission and intent and what they are looking for on each page. Since it is never to LVLG's benefit to have top billing (unlike OTHER sites we don't sell anything but our advertisers) we figured out a way to put our advertisers FIRST!

    Take a look now at our newly redesigned Home Page for a perfect example of our new advertising option. (It's the entire section inside the red box in the center of the first screen you see. What was the first thing you noticed? Visitors simply CAN NOT avoid looking at the center of the page in order to find the links to the information they came searching for. So what better place to position YOUR link information?

    Our "Weekly Sponsor" label helps add credibility to your message. The large 300 x 250 space allows enough room for a couple paragraphs of text. You can be imaginative; customize your message into the content of the current page and introduce yourself to get the reader curious enough about your product to click thru for more information. We are available for providing recommendations. We'll soon be offering a special section for advertisers showing our own test ads and results of what worked and what didn't to help guide you.

    Anxious to get started right away? What should you start thinking about for your ad? Here's a few tips. In general a single picture or two at most, with a catchy bold headline, followed by smaller descriptive text which "draws" the reader into your product. Think of it more as a short magazine story or infomercial than a billboard (billboard = banner mentality). Stay with the subject of the page and blend! Don't try to sell Hotel Rooms to people looking at Shows. It ain't gonna happen, at least not efficiently. Most importantly, even though the entire 300x250 area will be clickable, place at least one or two familiar style clickable links on it! Either a button or underscored text link. One trick is to design your ad area with HTML just like a regular webpage, and then 'capture' it with one of the many popular graphics packages. If you are unable to do this, we are happy to accept ads as an html file with the content PROPERLY ARRANGED AND SIZED to look like the final ad, and convert it for you to a 300x250 graphic for no charge.
    So How Does This Bidding Work? Full bidding rules are available and will be handled very similiarly to that famous online auction service. You can place absentee or limit bids, in which case we will bid for you one increment over the next lower, high bid. You can also let us know that you want your bid to carry over to multiple weeks, and we'll take care of that as well.
    Ready to start being SEEN NOW?
    Call our office at 702-255-8052 during business hours for a quick sign-up and the bidding address.

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