The Galleria at Sunset Mall - Grand Opening - Feb. 28, 1996

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(17k jpg)Beginning with the sound of a brass fanfare, the grand opening ceremonies opened on a crisp-cool, sunny morning. Marching bands from Green Valley High School and Basic High School (both local educational institutions) lead the short parade (19k jpg) of Disney characters and VIPs through the parking lot, past thousands of on-lookers and up to the temporary stage at the mall entrance.

(28k jpg)After a few words from the Presidents of the Developing Companies (Forest City Development and Forest City Commercial Group of California), and from the Mayor of Henderson, Mickey Mouse himself dropped in riding in the ladder of a Henderson City fire engine.

(34k jpg)Mickey and Brian Jones, the President of Forest City Development, then join forces, while Minnie, Donald, Goofy and others looked on, to cut the balloon encrusted ribbon, signaling the start of a small, but noisy pyrotechnics display centered on the roof of the new mall. Skyrockets filled the air and balloon towers sprung up upon the roof as streamers and confetti rained down.

(26k jpg)

As anxious shoppers stormed the newly christened mall, anxious children dragged their parents to Mickey's helpers who were handing out free balloons in the parking lot and to the many Disney oriented shows and attractions throughout the mall.

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