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Personal Computer Applications Programming ( PCAP )

Personal Computer Applications Programming ( PCAP ) has been serving the Tour and Hospitality industry since 1990. We have always catered to the small businesses, as well as the larger companies, with honesty, hard work and a dedication to the philosophy that "just because it's custom software, doesn't mean it has to cost a lot". And we carry that same philosophy over to our web page development and maintenance.

For far too long, large corporations, whose salesmen knew little about programming, have sold their unknowing victims off-the-shelf software, kludged to perform a task it was never designed for, for outrageous prices designed to get as much green up front, before their customer realizes he's been had and their software doesn't do what they promised. Or they quote one price and before they're done you're taking out a loan to finish an over-budget and long overdue system. Sound familiar? At PCAP, we quote you an absolute limit and your satisfaction is our top priority. In fact you don't pay until you're satisfied with the results. We're in it with you for the long term and our systems change and grow with your business. Start with a minimal system to save your time and effort, and slowly add features to develop into a completely automated office as your business grows and prospers. Nothing is beyond our abilities, "our software is limited only by your imagination!" From customized applications to internet web sites there are many ways PCAP can assist you in your business.

Check below for more information on any of the following products.

Web Sites:

If your company, city or organization is interested in promoting a productive web site, or you have a service of interest to Las Vegas Visitors that you would like to advertise, give us a call and we'll help show you how to bring it to more customers for less cost than through ANY other medium!

If you have a Las Vegas business catering to the tourism industry or are a tour or travel company outside of Las Vegas specializing in trips or packages to Las Vegas, contact us for an absolutely free listing on our pages. Also if you are a tour company outside of the Las Vegas area with travel packages for Las Vegas bound customers the Las Vegas Leisure Guide would be the ideal place to meet your new customers. Likewise Maui, Hawaii oriented operators should consider advertising in THE Maui Guide to meet new customers. We guarantee the lowest advertising rates and banner ads for this type of web site as well as minimal startup costs for developing your own independent site. Hosting also available. Click Here for our Advertising on Leisure Guides rate sheet - Agencies welcome too. Contact us for our complete current internet advertising rate sheet.

Ticket-Wise & Flight-Wise:

Ticket-Wise & Flight-Wise are broad names for our totally customized ticketing and small airline reservation systems respectively. We are also preparing to release our renowned "Ultra-fit" Weights and Balance software, which was previously only available as part of our Flight-Wise systems, as a stand-alone product. Click here to find out more. (contact us for demo disk)


FastFinder is our line of Human Resources related, full text search software. Current editions include ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act), Worker's Compensation and OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health). Click above for more information. Free demo. (Sorry, No longer available)

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